An Open letter to United Airlines from an Autism Mom

To whomever it may concern (although it sure doesn't seem that United Airlines is concerned), I cannot even describe to you the feelings of raw sadness, shock, and infuriation that I feel after reading the story and watching the video from the United Airlines flight where an autistic child and her family were kicked off … Continue reading An Open letter to United Airlines from an Autism Mom

My new Autism Awareness tattoo!!

When we were at the radio station this year recording my autism awareness PSA I got the opportunity to get Bug on the mic so I could get a picture of the sound wave of him telling me 'I love you'. I got it tattooed on me recently. I waited for so long to hear those … Continue reading My new Autism Awareness tattoo!!

We are crystals in the sun

I always tell my son that people are a lot like crystals. The 'perfect' ones are never quite as interesting. The cracks in us are much like the cracks in a some, they may be a 'flaw' but to others, they see that those cracks reflect the sunlight. A perfectly unique beauty of their … Continue reading We are crystals in the sun

My autism awareness PSA!!

I am so happy to tell ya'll, I was invited back to WMVO this year to write and record another autism awareness PSA!!!! Please share on all your social media. It's a very important message that needs to be heard. And no, I don't talk that fast lol it was sped up to accommodate … Continue reading My autism awareness PSA!!

She loves him with every fiber in her soul- words about my son

She loves him. She loves him so deeply, utterly, and completely that without the shadow of a thought, she gladly gave up anything and everything she could in her life to make sure he's ok. She swore to herself that she'd make sure she never let anyone hurt him. She takes all of the pain … Continue reading She loves him with every fiber in her soul- words about my son

Uses and Benefits of Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil is probably one of my favorite 'weapons' in my little essential oils arsenal. I bought it after finding it through my autism research and Dr. Terry Friedman's ADHD study on Vetiver, Lavender, and Cedarwood oils. In the study, each oil had pretty impressive results and they all pair well together so they can … Continue reading Uses and Benefits of Cedarwood Oil

Autism Awareness- WE ARE BEING HEARD!!

I cannot believe I forgot to post!! Leave it to me and my scatter brained self to forget to post the most exciting thing that has happened to us all year!! Geez! So anywho, I'll just get right to it!- I was asked to write and read a PSA for 3 local radio stations for … Continue reading Autism Awareness- WE ARE BEING HEARD!!

Autism Info EVERYONE should know

It's WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY today ya'll and you know I'm all rainbowed up so I wanna share some important autism info!!! 1. People that have autism are still people. They aren't just a label or a debate on Facebook. 2. People with autism are very capable of empathy, emotions, affection, and humor. They may not show … Continue reading Autism Info EVERYONE should know