Even MORE DIY Valentines ideas that don’t suck

My first "Valentines that don't suck" post got a lot of hits so I wanted to share even MORE Valentines day goodness! These cute little gems I found on the net definitely don't suck! :) Here's another cool valentine's diy idea- Scrapbook paper heart garland Heart Smores Paper Airplane Valentine Donut Valentines Hooked on You … Continue reading Even MORE DIY Valentines ideas that don’t suck

DIY Valentine’s Day “Cards”

I am in love <3 with these awesome, unique DIY valentines I came across today! These would definitely be a big hit in any classroom. Mustache Cards by Plum Adorable. Gumball Valentines by Cupcake Cutiees Ruler Idea by Pop Sugar Bubbles by Adisten's Closet I dig you Valentines by A Punch of Color Popcorn Valentines … Continue reading DIY Valentine’s Day “Cards”