My kid is hilarious! Check out the answer on his homework! HAHA!




Bug just informed me that if I ever throw cereal at someone, the appropriate thing to yell is "You've just been cerealed!" Good to know. I've been dying to throw cereal at someone and I wouldn't have known what to yell!     ________________________________________________________

The Puberty Talk ..

************************ OhEmGee. It's official, I am old. Bug got papers from school warning us about the puberty is this possible?! I swear he was a tiny little babybug just yesterday!! *pours BIG A$$ drink* I need a time machine stat! Bug got in trouble this morning and he says "its not my fault, its … Continue reading The Puberty Talk ..

More Bug-isms :) The cute and funny things kids say

Bug says the meteor the other day was God's clap! We looked up Russia on google earth and Bug says matter of factly "Yeeeep! Definitely God's clap. I knew it!" And he says when he's an adult he is going to make a world of jello with jello moms. Then when he finishes with that … Continue reading More Bug-isms :) The cute and funny things kids say

How babies are made..according to Bug

My lil monster told me he knew how people make babies..(he's 10) I'm thinking "Uhhhh no! Shit..I don't like this!! Totally unprepared! Way too early for this conversation!! Panic, PANIC!!" Then he says, "A mommy and daddy have to get married then they have to have the most love, if it gets to 100% the … Continue reading How babies are made..according to Bug

Bug-isms- Hilarious things my son says

Never a dull moment =^) Well I can say a lot of things about my insane chaotic life but I can definitely never say that it isn't entertaining! My lil monster always has something to say that makes me nearly pee myself or turn as red as a fire truck! Here are a few of … Continue reading Bug-isms- Hilarious things my son says