Obsessed with these old doors..

I finally got a shot of these beautiful doors! I've passed them probably a thousand times over the past few years and every single time I stop to admire them so I thought a picture was appropriate. I love things that are from a different time. Oh the stories these old doors could tell. _______________________________________________________________________________________________

Rough day!

Man today has been one of those days that test every ounce of strength I have. Everything in the world seems to be going wrong. It's times like these that I think of how truly lucky I am to have my beautiful son and husband. Things could ALWAYS be worse, no matter what the situation … Continue reading Rough day!

Busy busy busy!!

My fondant figures     Homemade with the finest quality ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, vegetable, or canola oil in any of my confections. I use healthier alternatives such as extra virgin coconut and sunflower oils. This does not compromise the taste, it makes everything taste even better! I also use 100% vegetarian fed eggs..the … Continue reading Busy busy busy!!

Something in the works…!

I am getting so excited about the super secret I've been keeping! I wanna spill the beans so bad but I have learned from past experience that as soon as I talk about an idea out loud someone snatches it so mums the word, for now anyways. It is KILLING me though! I hate keeping … Continue reading Something in the works…!