ANNNND more peeps in Bug’s design :)

Bug's Granny and our close family friend, Connie proudly sporting Bug's owl design

Do Something Good!

The Paper Clouds Apparel campaign is going great so far but we want to do better than great for Windrush Farm! These t-shirts are adorable, they have amazing artwork on them done by my little Bug and Logan from The Crumb diaries, and from what I've heard, they are also very soft! Please let's help some … Continue reading Do Something Good!

Bug’s Art for Paper Clouds Apparel and Windrush Farm

I am so excited to announce that Bug's drawings will be featured on t-shirts made by Paper Clouds Apparel starting on JUNE the 10th! This is such a fabulous collaboration for so many reasons, I can barely contain myself! First off, Paper Clouds is a super inspiring group who is doing amazing things, I mean … Continue reading Bug’s Art for Paper Clouds Apparel and Windrush Farm