Sleeping in? What’s that?!

Ok so I have some huge spectacular news to share!! Maybe I'm a little over excited because I popped one of my Xanax about an hour ago and I never take those things..either that or it's just sheer exhaustion, anyhow...I am getting off the subject! What the hell was i saying? Hmm...News news...OH yea! I … Continue reading Sleeping in? What’s that?!

Mini Va-cay Soon! Woo to the Hoo!!!!

I am so stoked for this week to be over! I haven't been on vacation for TEN long years and when we did go our son was only 3 months old so this is going to be a fantastic break for all of us! This vacation is going to be an extra special one too … Continue reading Mini Va-cay Soon! Woo to the Hoo!!!!

In the MOOD for FOOD! 3 Awesome recipes I bet you’ve never tried!

I was going through some recipes online tonight and I got to thinking, why in the hell am I bogarting all of my fantastic recipes from my Rockers!? I think it's high time for a healthy-ish recipe section up in this piece! I am going to start with some of my favorites! Waffle Iron Hash … Continue reading In the MOOD for FOOD! 3 Awesome recipes I bet you’ve never tried!

Butterflies and Hummingbirds…

Have you heard stories about people seeing alot more butterflies and hummingbirds after someone passes? I have and I witnessed it yesterday. I hadn't seen a hummingbird all husbands grandfather passed away this week and the following day I saw a hummingbird. It was a male and it hung out right by our porch … Continue reading Butterflies and Hummingbirds…