Along the way I’ve learned that many times,
the ones who feel unloved show the most love.
The ones who aren’t cared for are the ones who care the most.
The uncomforted are the most comforting.
The souls filled with sadness spend their days trying to fill others with happiness.
The broken try to help others heal.

Many times, we seek out what we desperately need for ourselves by giving it to someone else.


Much love, Rockin Mom

Life juxtaposed.

It’s been a while since I’ve really sat down and painted my mind on the screen so I thought I’d post a lil bloggy blog today!

I’m a very “in my head” type person. I’m a deep thinker, always have been. I think about anything and everything and why and how things became the way they are and what they’ll be in the future and what they would be under different circumstances. I think about good, happy, amazing, warm, and fuzzy things and also horrible, sad, dark, heart shattering, bad things and how grateful I am for everything life has given me. I think about the things I’ve seen in my life and I think about the things I want to shield my son eyes and heart from. I think about the life I used to have and the life I have now and how different they are. I think of old hopes and dreams I once had and how naive I was regarding the things that I always thought I wanted. I think about what’s important, what is REALLY, TRULY important. I think of all the things I’d go back and change if I could, and then I think of the lessons I’ve learned due to those mistakes.

Life’s so funny.

Some days I feel like I just want to crawl under the covers and sleep for a thousand years and never get woken up and other days I beg and plead with the universe for extra time. Contrast. Life juxtaposed. I suppose you need it right? It’s like the saying goes, the sweet just ain’t as sweet without the sour.


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1. NEVER under-estimate an individual because they are on the spectrum. Some of the most intelligent, interesting, and most capable people I know have Autism. 

2. Don’t assume that people with autism are emotionless or uncaring if they don’t respond in a way you would expect others to respond. Often times people on the spectrum have a harder time displaying and sorting their feelings and emotions. Sometimes they see things so black and white that they may not see your side.

3. Do not judge someone’s behavior who has autism. Over-stimulation can cause their bodies to react and sensory issues often accompany ASD. Lights are much brighter, sounds are much louder, tastes and textures are much more intense. Even something as simple as being touched can hurt some people with autism if their sensory issues are off. It can be like an internal traffic jam of signals. Being helpful in these situations is much more useful than being judgmental.

4. Give people with autism the time to get their thoughts out, it can take a bit longer for individuals with asd to decipher and process information.

5. Don’t make comparisons. If you have met one person who has autism then you have met ONE person who has autism. Everybody is different.

6. Offering choices can be very helpful, but don’t give out too many choices, it can be overwhelming.

7. Routine is a very important part of most people’s lives who live with autism. If the daily routine gets messed up it can make things confusing or overwhelming. Be understanding.

8. People who have autism are VERY capable of love and CAN be close to their parents, friends, etc.. I actually had a doctor tell me that my son wouldn’t have a close relationship with me if he had autism. That is FALSE.

9. DON’T assume that people who have autism don’t understand you. Non-verbal or not, assuming makes an ass out of U and ME. 

10. RAISE THE BAR. Don’t hold someone back because they are on the spectrum and you think they can’t do something. Let them try.

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Soul Imprints



1. To produce (a mark or pattern) on a surface by pressure.
2. To impart a strong or vivid impression of
3. To fix firmly, as in the mind
4.  A distinguishing influence or effect

We all walk our own path in life. Some of the people we meet along the way stay with us and walk parallel to us in our journeys, some people intersect with us where our paths meet, and some only act as dead end signs, urging us to turn in a new direction. When these intersections meet and paths cross, sometimes we leave with our souls imprinted. Sometimes it is for good, sometimes for the worst, but we are definitely and eternally marked. Some of these imprints can change our way of thinking while some people choose to live in the familiar grooves of the imprints of someone else. We carry them on us like tattoos or scars, some from battles, some from joy. They impact our decisions, our moves, our choices. Every motive we have grows from one of these paths or one of these scars. They grow into large branches of doubt or confidence, elation or anger, happiness or sorrow. They are the unseen makeup of who we are and where we will end up.