We are crystals in the sun

I always tell my son that people are a lot like crystals. The 'perfect' ones are never quite as interesting. The cracks in us are much like the cracks in a crystal..to some, they may be a 'flaw' but to others, they see that those cracks reflect the sunlight. A perfectly unique beauty of their … Continue reading We are crystals in the sun


Along the way I've learned that many times, the ones who feel unloved show the most love. The ones who aren't cared for are the ones who care the most. The uncomforted are the most comforting. The souls filled with sadness spend their days trying to fill others with happiness. The broken try to help … Continue reading Thoughts.


1. NEVER under-estimate an individual because they are on the spectrum. Some of the most intelligent, interesting, and most capable people I know have Autism.  2. Don't assume that people with autism are emotionless or uncaring if they don't respond in a way you would expect others to respond. Often times people on the spectrum … Continue reading 10 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT PEOPLE WHO HAVE AUTISM

Soul Imprints

im·print   im·print·ed, im·print·ing, im·prints 1. To produce (a mark or pattern) on a surface by pressure. 2. To impart a strong or vivid impression of 3. To fix firmly, as in the mind 4.  A distinguishing influence or effect We all walk our own path in life. Some of the people we meet along the way stay with us … Continue reading Soul Imprints

Autism Aspergers Mom & Son- You HAVE to watch this short!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmPKG1ztjpo&feature=share I saw this on pbs tonight! I cannot tell you how much I love seeing autism stuff on tv that doesn't make me cringe! This little boy reminds me so much of Connor and the way he speaks. Their conversation sounds sooo much like conversations we have. I love her honesty with him.

Busy busy busy!!

My fondant figures     Homemade with the finest quality ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, vegetable, or canola oil in any of my confections. I use healthier alternatives such as extra virgin coconut and sunflower oils. This does not compromise the taste, it makes everything taste even better! I also use 100% vegetarian fed eggs..the … Continue reading Busy busy busy!!