This boy and the things he says..Oh how I love him so <3


So it was snuggle time and I was laying in Bug’s bed listening to him tell me random things and then listening to his little belly laughs when I’d reply with “I have no clue what you are saying silly man!”. He spotted an itty bitty little spider which he would have normally run from but this time he said, “I’ll save ya mom!” then he ran and got some tissue and carefully picked the spider up making the cutest little “eww” face and he ran to the bathroom. I hear him say “Adios spider!” then a flush. My hero!

Something in the works…!

I am getting so excited about the super secret I’ve been keeping! I wanna spill the beans so bad but I have learned from past experience that as soon as I talk about an idea out loud someone snatches it so mums the word, for now anyways. It is KILLING me though! I hate keeping exciting secrets! Hopefully here soon I will be ready and can start sharing what I’ve been working on :)

Man I suck at blogging here lately!

Ok so I’m sure some of you have noticed that I haven’t been around much lately! If you don’t already know, things in my life tend to get crazy hectic and I have to stop and collect myself before I can process everything and get it all down on screen. All apologies loyal readers!

So Christmas..usually our favorite time of year, especially since I spent a little over a week in the hospital over Christmas a couple years back.. This year, however, was not a happy time of year for us. It was pretty drama-filled…and not even with our drama! It was all totally out of our control, which drives me nuts. I really don’t wanna get into too much of that because it has finally died down and me blogging about it definitely won’t help keep things copacetic but to make it clear, Christmas was allllll jacked up!

Fast forward to New years eve- Great night with friends, Bug got to chill with some kids (YAY!!), super mellow. We came home early and hung out in our jams and stuffed our faces! Bug fell asleep early and I capped off the night with some “Just Dance” on the Xbox …we were so into making fun of the move I have now dubbed “the naughty teacup” that me and the hubs totally missed the midnight new year kiss! I figure though, I was dancing like an idiot and we were laughing when the new year rolled in so that has gotta be a good thing!

I don’t know about you but I’m not all that big on resolutions. I do a lot better with goals and lists so to start things off I am dancing my little ass off every chance I get on this “Just Dance” game because who are we kidding, I am not going to get a gym membership anytime soon and one of my goals is to start on my swimsuit body earlier this year. We shall see how that second part goes.. I will keep you updated on both. :) Happy 2013! Hope this year brings us all loads of belly laughs and smile lines!





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Sleeping in? What’s that?!

Ok so I have some huge spectacular news to share!! Maybe I’m a little over excited because I popped one of my Xanax about an hour ago and I never take those things..either that or it’s just sheer exhaustion, anyhow…I am getting off the subject! What the hell was i saying? Hmm…News news…OH yea! I have some super fantabulous news! The stars have all aligned and I will be engaging in the miracle of sleeping in tomorrow morning!!!! Can you hear the angels all singing in unison?? “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” I feel like it’s fn Christmas morning!!! Do I sense some jealousy?? Don’t hate. You will all get to experience this joyous occasion in your own lives one day and I will be here to congratulate you! :) Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite! I’m crusin for some snoozin! Happy Nappy to meeeeeee!!

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