Earth Friendly Notebook Paper Made in the USA


Today I had the pleasure of reviewing some super cool, earth friendly notebooks from Roaring Spring Paper Products. After doing some research, I found the company is a 126 year old manufacturer of paper products (MADE IN THE USA) such as notebooks and folders.

A lot of their paper is actually made from sugarcane, a truly renewable paper. You can feel great about purchasing a notebook because your purchase will save a tree! Using these products helps make the world a better place so snaps to you!

I love the Genesis Shades Notebook paper! I am all about buying green when possible as well as purchasing products that are manufactured in the USA. The purple paper is just a huge, cute bonus!

unnamed (39)


The Cross-Over Notebooks were a new concept to me! One side of each page has college-ruled lines running the width of the page and on the other side the lines run the length of the page. For my family, this paper is perfect for math homework assignments! The unique printing lets you take notes in 3 different ways-

1. Wide for sketching or illustrating diagrams

2. Standard

3. Use the backlight grid pattern the lines create for graphing (or math problems in our case)

unnamed (41)

unnamed (36)

unnamed (40)

Roaring Springs also offers cool notebooks for kids with covers that can be colored on!

unnamed (38)

 More about Roaring Springs Paper-

  • Recycled Papers
    1. Roaring Spring uses papers made from post-consumer waste.
    2. Post-consumer waste, if not recycled, would typically end in a landfill.
    3. Most of the Roaring Spring recycled items contain a minimum of 30% PC waste.
    4. Recycled paper comes in both white and colored versions.
  • Sugarcane Fiber Paper
    1. Sugarcane fiber is waste material from the sugarcane refining process.
    2. This waste material is then used as pulp tp produce fine paper.
    3. The result is a smooth, bright sheet produced at very green paper mills.
    4. We produce sugarcane items in both white and canary options.

Check out the Roaring Spring’s Interactive Facebook Page! Roaring Springs gives their fans the opportunity to win free products by simply answering quiz questions or sharing posts!! Go tell ‘em that Rockin Mom sent ya!!

sig*I received these products free of charge in order to conduct this review. All opinions expressed are my own, pinky swear! :)



Super Hero Capes!!


unnamed (27)



So Bug’s big ole’ birthday bash is in June so I wanted to get a head start and get some of my party favors out of the way! Bug likes Marvel everything or anything super hero related so I’m going with a super hero theme for his party. SO what pops in your brain when ya think of super heroes??

That’s right, jellybean! Ya think of Super Awesome, Super Hero CAPES!!

Soooo, I used my spiffy decoration fabric that was sent to me by Smart-Fab and got to work today and I must say, these capes are gonna be super cute!! Smart-Fab has a bunch of color options so you can use their decoration fabric for practically anything. I’ve heard of people using it for table cloths, wreaths, sewing, and so on. I’m pretty impressed with the quality and durability of the paper.

unnamed (33)

The paper is colorful, super easy to work with, and even disposable so it’s perfect for kid’s parties, seasonal, or school activities.

unnamed (31)


unnamed (28)



1. Cut out a large rectangle for the cape

2. Cut out a red diamond shape & a letter

3. Glue the diamond shape and the letter together with fabric glue

4. Sew or Glue the diamond onto the cape

5. Sew or Glue two pieces of ribbon to each of the top corners of the cape for ties.


unnamed (34)

Untitllllled - Copy (2)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this project!

For more inspiration-

SmartFab’s Pinterest Page

SmartFab’s Facebook Page

SmartFab’s Twitter


*I received this product free of charge in order to conduct this review. All opinions expressed are my own, pinky swear! :)


Life’s little circles.

It’s so unbelievably cool how things in our lives swirl around and around only to eventually connect & come back around full circle.

When Bug was first born I was really into making candles, soap, lotions, lip balms, etc.. I even made a few bucks doing it! My mom runs a bar in a neighboring town so I would take hoards of my stuff down and sell it to her patrons.

After Bug was diagnosed I spent so much time researching autism that I gave up on making all my homemade concoctions. Now, years and years down the road and my research has lead me into essential oils. What an absolutely perfect partner for all of my homemade concoctions!

I love these moments when I feel like the stars have all aligned..I feel like i’m where I’m supposed to be doing what I am supposed to do. It’s an amazing feeling to have so I think I’m going to stop and enjoy it for awhile. I think I know what I’ll be doing this summer!





Dear parents, you are being lied to.

Beauty is Everywhere:

Very well written. Please take the time to read this. This is our life. We are one of the unreported cases. We didn’t report to VAERS because we were repeatedly assured by “trusted professionals” that the things that were happening with my son were not vaccine related…and unfortunately we believed that and vaccinated my son again, only to watch him regress and lose all of his words again.

Originally posted on Gianelloni Family:

Immunisation_baby2 In light of the media’s hysteria over a once common childhood illness called measles and the refusal of the vaccine industry to acknowledge the problem has nothing to do with the unvaccinated, it was past time for this post.

Dear Parents,

You are being lied to.

People who claim to be acting in the best interest of your children by pushing vaccines are putting their young lives at risk because they have received little to no education on vaccine ingredients and the injuries that they cause.  They aren’t aware that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program pays out $100M a year in damages, which is barely a drop in the bucket of vaccine injury in this country.  In fact, the doctor singing the loudest praises of vaccine safety was paid $36M for his 20% portion of a patent on a vaccine that your child probably received, after the first rotavirus vaccine he…

View original 1,582 more words

Dr. Albert Enyati Testifies on Vaccine Research at the Federal IACC

Click HERE to watch.

Autism Miracles! Why essential oils don’t suck.

Autism Miracles! Why essential oils don't suck.

Do you see this test?!
DO you see the CLEAR, LEGIBLE handwriting?

This is a PRE-test. These are words that Bug has NEVER seen before, never practiced before, never even thought of spelling before.
The only thing we have changed lately is, over the weekend we added 100% pure, therapeutic grade Vetiver and Lavender Essential Oils to our regimen.

That’s it!

We are seeing HUGE progress!! This is the very FIRST time EVER that he got an A+ on a pre-test.

I started researching Vetiver after stumbling across a study conducted in 2001 by Dr. Terry Friedman where essential oils were used to treat the symptoms of ADD and ADHD in 40 children ages 6-12. Twenty of the children were not diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and were used as a control group. Each of the other twenty children had a confirmed ADD or ADHD diagnosis. The inhalation of the oils proved to settle brainwaves back into normal patterns & improve the children’s scholastic performance.

The final results of the study were- Lavender oil increased performance by 53%, Cedarwood oil increased performance by 83%, and Vetiver oil increased performance by an amazing 100%!

We are most DEFINITELY seeing similar results at our house!!

I have also been using the same oils on myself that I’m putting on Bug to see how they impact my system. I have a diagnosed anxiety disorder and I have already noticed I am MUCH less anxious and more calm. The vetiver and lavender make me drowsy and have been very helpful for sleep and stress relief. I apply the oils to the bottom of our feet with coconut oil as a carrier oil to prevent skin irritation. I have also used the vetiver on the back of my neck but it irritated Bug so we have stuck to the feet for application on him.

If you decide to try essential oils out I recommend buying an essential oils guide or book and investing in a cool mist diffuser. (You can find them on Amazon) Warming diffusers, light rings, and oil heaters compromise the health benefits of the oils. You do NOT want to warm them. I also recommend that you do a fair amount of research on the manufacturer and the purity of the oils you use.

I hope essential oils help you as much as they’ve helped us!!




We are officially DONE recording our Autism PSA that I wrote for 3 local radio stations!! Today has been a very emotional one for our family and we are just honored to have gotten the chance to spread our message. I want to give a HUGE rockin thank you to my friend Adam Thompson from WVNO for making this all possible!

Here is the link to our PSA!!! Hope we made you guys proud!


My kid is hilarious! Check out the answer on his homework! HAHA!






Autism Awareness- WE ARE BEING HEARD!!

I cannot believe I forgot to post!! Leave it to me and my scatter brained self to forget to post the most exciting thing that has happened to us all year!! Geez! So anywho, I’ll just get right to it!-

I was asked to write and read a PSA for 3 local radio stations for autism awareness month and they are going to run it all month long!! And the icing on the cake is that they asked me to mention our page, you guys!!!! We are makin’ some noise for our families!!

 Also, it sounds like they are really excited to see Bug and they’re trying to plan some special stuffs for him! Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it!!





FUNNY AUTISM AWARENESS TEES!!! $5 from each shirt will be donated to the National Autism Association!


Click HERE to preorder!!! I have to sell ten of them for them to be printed and I am buying one so only nine to go!! Please share!!





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