Ashes to Art


Hi guys! LONG time no see, eh? I’ve missed you all!

From time to time I think maybe we all just need to drop off the face of the planet so we can reset and recharge our worn out batteries. In my case, I had some major transforming and growing I needed to do in my life. I found that I also desperately needed to revisit some old emotional outlets to clear all the clutter from my mind. Now that my brain is feeling clean as a whistle and my battery is charged up to 100% again, I’m back and I’d love to share what I’ve been up to with all of you! 


I’ve never been very good with focus, but at the same time, if I really love something I can hyper focus on it and it alone and the whole entire world will just disappear into the shadows. I think we all have that ‘thing’, whatever it is that puts us in a total and complete state of bliss…Those things that make the hair stand on our arms, that make our adrenaline rush, and get our minds racing with pure joy.

Our happy places.

Painting, drawing, and creating are my happy. Art has always been what I’ve been drawn to..haha pun intended.

So anyhow! Here are a few pieces of my soul I want to share with you. I really hope you enjoy. It’s very important and meaningful to me to take something plain and mundane and make it into something beautiful. Ashes to art.



Much love, Rockin Mom

Going against the flow


People, in general, have never understood the way that I think and/or operate in life, love, parenting, my writing, and a variety of other areas people tend to pick apart in late night phonecalls and over lunch convos with their besties. Growing up an eclectic, free spirited, wide eyed girl in a small sleepy town, I always felt the need to explain myself and my thought process to the people that didn’t understand me. At some point though, I realized that there is a particular type of person that will just never get it, or me, and I am slowly learning that I have to be okay with that. Truth is, I will probably never get them either.

There are two types of individuals in my mind; the ones who go with the flow and the ones who don’t.

Basically, I’m the type who relishes and thrives on the things in this short life that make me smile and spending all of my spare time emersing myself in the things that I love to do. Although I find it completely necessary for myself and my well-being, this has proven to be a hard concept for some people to comprehend.

I often pay a price for the way I live, sometimes it’s a steep one, but can you really put a price on pure and true fulfillment and happiness? I think not. I’ve make a lot of sacrifices over the years to do these things I love to do and to feel these feelings I love to feel, but to me, it’s all well worth it to fill up my soul’s tank and feel at peace within myself, regardless of what that looks like to anyone on the outside.

A lot of peeps don’t get why I can’t just ‘go with the flow’. Well, the truth is, I hate the damned flow. Always have, always will. I wanna see what’s going on the other way, the way that everyone else isn’t going, the way that has a big invisible sign that says ‘Proceed with caution!’. I feel like something fabulously fantastic is hiding there and I want to be the one to find it.

In my humble opinion, the biggest downside to going against the grain, (and you knew damn well there was a downside), is that is you’re gonna go it alone more often than not. You just have to learn to be okay with that if you’re planning on swimming upstream. Everything that is truly great in life comes with a cost.

With age, I’m learning it’s all a delicate balancing act, and I’ve also learned my balance totally sucks at times. Hell, who am I kidding? I have no damned balance whatsoever, but maybe that’s okay after all. Maybe we aren’t all good at balancing. Maybe tripping through life isn’t all bad. Maybe we need some clumsey chaos and mayhem to juxtapose all of the perfectly perfect perfection and balance.


Much love, Rockin Mom

An Open letter to United Airlines from an Autism Mom


To whomever it may concern (although it sure doesn’t seem that United Airlines is concerned),

I cannot even describe to you the feelings of raw sadness, shock, and infuriation that I feel after reading the story and watching the video from the United Airlines flight where an autistic child and her family were kicked off of a plane over a small incident that could have been easily avoided with some understanding and tact. April was autism awareness month, for crying out loud. After reading this shameful article and watching the news clips, I sure don’t feel like the people at United are very aware.


Do you realize the stigma you put on our community when you make discriminatory choices like this? Do you realize you are just adding to a plate that is already full? I understand you are most likely uneducated where autism is concerned, but considering the autism rates are 1 in 68 children, don’t you think you should start to learn about the needs of your passengers? I can guarantee you have employees with autistic family members.

As an active autism advocate, I will most definitely be encouraging people in the autism community to fly with other airlines in the future. I really hope you reconsider your decision to refrain from issuing an apology to this poor family. It’s not only sad for them but also a huge insult and a slap in the face to the other countless autism/special needs families who count on you.

We deserve better.


To those who would like to call United their number is  (800) 864-8331 Here is their feedback form on their website.

My autism awareness PSA!!


I am so happy to tell ya’ll, I was invited back to WMVO this year to write and record another autism awareness PSA!!!!

Please share on all your social media. It’s a very important message that needs to be heard. And no, I don’t talk that fast lol it was sped up to accommodate all of the information.



Much love,
Rockin Mom



Along the way I’ve learned that many times,
the ones who feel unloved show the most love.
The ones who aren’t cared for are the ones who care the most.
The uncomforted are the most comforting.
The souls filled with sadness spend their days trying to fill others with happiness.
The broken try to help others heal.

Many times, we seek out what we desperately need for ourselves by giving it to someone else.


Much love, Rockin Mom